Usually information

If you are a group, don’t forget to indicate us the exact number of people: drivers, followers or baby (he’s got a seat too!)

During a meal, without exclusivity, all passengers have got the same menu, except person who has got a special diet, allergy, diabetes or anything else and warn us before!

If you want to organize a special event, with exclusivity, we can suggest you some different menus or buffets. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Don’t forget, we are on a boat, so it’s difficult to provision during the cruise.

All our meals are made with fresh product and concocted by our caterer "Le P'tit Boursault"

Delevery every day


Menu 2019 ( during lunch cruise with commentary)

Salmon tartar marinated with lemon
Breast of free range chicken with vegetables and potatoes, champagne sauce
Crunchy chocolate and praline

Other menu possible with 16€ in supplement per person:
Foie gras marined champagne Rosé and Biscuits Roses of Rheims, fruit jelly and toasted bread
Duck leg stuffed of mushrooms with gratinated potatoes and vegetable
Cheese and salad
Cake with white chocolate and pistachio crème brulée